Boat rental services in Moraira

With and without license, and skippered fishing trips.

Boat rental with and without license

We offer you a unique experience, of leisure and enjoyment. With our boats without license required you can contemplate the best coast of the Valencian Community, the Costa Blanca. A complete paradise, with its cliffs, caves, marine reserves, caves, islands, crags and inaccessible corners by land. Aspects that will guarantee you an unforgettable day of sailing and a pleasant memory for you for a long time.

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Fishing in Moraira

You will find several modalities to enjoy with us unforgettable experiences, both in family and at the highest level of sports. We offer you from coastal fishing to high-altitude fishing with varieties such as: Big game, Chambel, jigging, trolling, trolling of height and Brumeo. So, we have everything ready for the most demanding fisherman to enjoy with a team of pros that we put at your disposal, including all the rigging that it requires.

Are you prepared to confront the unknown, to fight the Giants?

Sunset and sunrise in Moraira

Would you like to enjoy an incredible sunset in one of the most beautiful places of the Valencian Community, accompanied by a good cava? We will leave from the yacht Club of Moraira on the 19:00 with arrival to port at 21:00.

Snorkeling and Diving school

From our fondness for scuba diving, our appreciation for the beauty of the seabed and our desire to share unforgettable experiences, exploring the marine fauna and Flora, the “LA GALERA” diving school was born.